I’m scared of my bikini… for now

We are 13 days into 2014 and so far, so good.  I have jumped on the healthy train and I’m getting comfy in my seat for a long ride.  I know it’s the way to live… and a little motivation never hurts.  A few days into the new year, hubby and I booked a long weekend away.  I was so excited and then I realized that the dress code for the trip would be bikini and shorts.  That was what they call my “moment of clarity.”

Over the last few months, I have slacked on weight training and eaten without any restraint.  Am I overweight or unhealthy?  Not really.  But I have reached a point where I am uncomfortable in my own skin.  I have been lucky in that I have never really had to worry much about my weight.  I had a fast metabolism and no one in my family has had any weight issues.  However, as I approach the big 4-0 (17 months away) I do see the effects of a slowing metabolism.  And the truth is having a double cheeseburger deluxe with fries followed by dessert is not a good idea most of the time.  Especially when you are watering it down with “yards” of beer.

So minutes after I booked the trip, I committed to look and feel my best.  It’s only a few weeks ago so I am following a strict, but basic plan.  I do not expect miracles, but it’s time to treat my body with care.

The basics are:

  • Eating properly portioned lean protein and an abundance of vegetables.  Snacks are fruit and fat is the healthy kind (avocado, olive oil, etc.)  I am also avoiding bread, pasta, rice and dairy (except for my morning coffee creamer).
  • Tracking!  I have been avoiding tracking my food for a long time.  It gives a sense of accountability that I was not ready for.  Now I am logging every bite on My Fitness Pal.  (My user name is jencorrea in case you are also tracking.)
  • Working out at least once a day.  I am trying to commit to a workout video (or a class if the opportunity arises) at least 5 days a week.
  • I am also running or cross training at least 4-5 days a week for optimal cardio calorie burn.  Oh and because I am running the Fred Lebow Half Marathon in Central Park on 1/26.

I am a week into plan and I feel good.  I start each day with rolled oats and have been eating a lot of salads and healthy homemade (by Tara) soups.  I have been travelling with cut peppers and cherry tomatoes.  The only problem has been that Mini Me eats all my snacks.  That’s a good problem to have!

Here’s to another good week and keeping the momentum.  Bikini here I come!




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    I just said the same thing to my husband – I’m “uncomfortable” in my body lately… back at it.. HARD! Because yes, the 40’s do a mean game on your body.

    Looking you up right now on MyFitnessPal :)

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