Snow Days

Unless you live under a rock or internationally, you know that it has been a killer winter for the majority of the right coast. Here in NYC, I have seen more snow than in the other 38 years of my life, seriously. It is insane. That said, don’t feel bad for me. This was me one week ago.

Obligatory beach vacation shot

Obligatory beach vacation shot

Hubby and I took our little four day trip to San Juan. Rest assured they was no freezing cold and no snow in Puerto Rico. There was a little rain, but I didn’t complain one bit. This is the view from my window today.

The usual WTF is with all this snow pic

The usual WTF is with all this snow pic

That said, I am feeling a bit out of it. I do not think that I am alone in this and I would bet that the winter is definitely a factor. I am not going to be hard on myself though. Training season for the Brooklyn Half will be in high gear soon enough. For now, I will focus on getting my mind right and getting back to basics. For me that means getting into the routine of starting the day positive and ending with gratitude. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that. Well, that and getting through this winter. Spring is closer every day! That’s today’s positive thought.

What’s your positive thought on this difficult day?



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