Boston Marathon

I am a native New Yorker and a Yankee fan for life.  That said, I have a soft spot in my heart for Boston.  Firstly, it is the birth place of my favorite boy band turned sexy man band, New Kids on the Block.  From the time I was 12 years old I was begging my mother to take me there to stalk Jordan Knight’s house.  Spoiler: She didn’t.  Then as I became a runner I learned about the holy grail of road racing, the Boston Marathon.  The race you must qualify to run.  So wait, you have to prove that you are fast enough to run this race before you even get to try to run it?  YUP!  Now that’s bad ass!

My first of only three trips to Beantown was a weekend I drove up with a friend to visit a friend who lived in Lynn.  Second time was the same friend’s wedding.  And third was when I went to Cambridge for the Healthy Living Summit in 2012.  Still I think of Boston often, especially over the past year since the bombings.  Like so many I was watching with excitement and then terror one year ago.  I participated in a Staten Island run for Boston and praying for the victims and families.  I thought about Boston more this year than ever before.

While I never expect to Boston Qualify in this lifetime, I still want to experience the marathon and Patriots day for myself.  I was scheduled to volunteer at the mile 19 hydration station this year, but it was one of the times when my job as a mom had to trump a really cool experience.  Instead I watched from my desk as Meb took it back 20 years with an American win.  I read today that it was more of a team effort on the part of the American male elites than anyone may have thought.  That just fills my heart even bigger.  Proves that running can be a team sport.  And yesterday that team was all of Boston and all of America.

Yet another reason I am proud to be a runner.  We took Boston back!  To add to the joy, Donnie Wahlberg was at the finishline waiting for J

Congrats to all the runners on being a part of history.



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