Getting Active… Mamalete Style

Life changes constantly and throughout our lives we change and grow.  Eight years ago my life changed in the most significant way.  I went from being a woman to being a mother.  Women do this every day and yet it is the most amazing and challenging transformation I can imagine.  From the moment that I found out that I was pregnant with my son, I stopped thinking about myself first and thought of him first.

Every choice I made would affect another human being.  Those first 40 weeks the choices were about what I ate, how much I slept and basically staying healthy.  Then I saw his face and I was forever changed.  In the eight years since, the list of responsibilities has multiplied.  Every day I wake up and think first about my kids.  Even when I am exhausted, I try to be positive in the mornings because I want to raise kids who are gratitude for each day and not those cranky “I hate mornings” people.  (Sorry if you are one of them.  There is always time to change.)

I start them with a healthy breakfast and a vitamin because I want to instill good habit throughout their lives.  I also try to lead by example in showing them that it is most important to be a good person in this world and try to be your best.  Sometimes this is more difficult to do, and that is when it is most important.  I know their eyes are on me and how I will react to things.  Of course, I am not perfect and sometimes I do make bad choices.  This is also something they need to know.  We are not perfect.  The key is to accept it and move on.

Another very important lesson for my kids is to be active.  When I was a child, we all just played outside.  There were no other options.  Our parents sent us outside and we ran around until the sun went down.  This is a different world.  With cable on demand, tablets and video games galore, a kid could spend a full 24 hours without seeing the sun.  My kids know that I run and that it is something I love.  Running is a great lesson in commitment and trying your best and also just having fun.  I used to have the dreaded mom guilt 90% of the time.  Now that number is much lower.  I truly believe that my runs are important not just to me, but to them as well.  Mommy is healthy and strong and most importantly, happy!

I will not say that my kids don’t watch television or play video games, because that would be a complete lie.  That would be as big of a lie as saying that I do not spend too much time on my iPhone… because I really do.  But I am also a work in progress.  You just have to give them (and yourself) other options.  Let’s go for a run or ride bikes or skate.  There are no more excuses.

In the past month, my son has perfected his two wheeler riding skills and the little one has become a speed demon on her bike.  And me, I ran alongside them instead of watching from a distance.  They know Mommy can keep up and I plan to for as long as I am able.


On that note, I want to tell you about my friend Gia’s MamaLete movement and why tomorrow is the perfect day to get active with your kids for two reasons!

What Makes a Mamalete? 


Mamalete is a woman who adores her sport. She knows that being active is part of her core, and she is a better person with a little sweat in her day.


A Mamalete knows how much her kids admire her for her dedication. She motivates their love for being active through the goals that she sets and achieves.


A Mamalete shares her love of fitness.  Both with her children but also to inspire them, and she is proud.

Proud to sweat. Proud to motivate. Proud to love.


My #mamalete moment - Color Run with my boy

My #mamalete moment – Color Run with my boy


Additionally, tomorrow is also National Family Playdate!  So… If you are a mamalete or a mom who need to start getting active and not sure how to get active with your kids, check out Active Family Project for playdate ideas.

On average, moms say they have 5 family playdates a month, (i.e. time reserved on the calendar where the whole family participates in an activity together), but they’d really like twice as many. Busy schedules make it easy to postpone family time, that’s why the Active Family Project is hosting their 2nd Annual National Family Playdate which is also tomorrow.


Last year I attended an informative event hosted announcing the first National Playdate.  The Project is a consumer health and wellness initiative designed to help empower moms to take back family playtime and start living healthier, more active lifestyles by adopting a new daily routine – scheduling family playtime with the ones you care about most.  And maybe create some mamaletes!

Bascially, just get out there tomorrow and move it… with the kiddies!  If you do not have any of your own, invite someone who does.  We love the company and the help! :)





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