Note to Self

Note to self:


 Back story:

Since the Brooklyn Half fiasco, I have been out of sorts.  I was not happy with my race and then life got hectic.  Run time has been scarce.  Then two weeks ago, I went away on a 4 day cruise to Bermuda.  It was a New Kids on the Block cruise  Yup, you read that correctly.  I had an amazing time!  My friend and I basically partied for four days straight and yes, I met the guys.  (I won’t bore you with the details… until you want them!  Comment or email me if you do!)  On Monday morning the boat docked on the west side of Manhattan, I grabbed my luggage and a cab and literally went straight back to work.

Highlights of the 1,000,000 pictures we took

Highlights of the 1,000,000 pictures we took

After a full work week, including my husband’s outpatient surgery (he’s fine), we went camping last weekend.  More food and more alcohol with a few push ups and burpees in between (very few).

By the fire with the hubby

By the fire with the hubby

My camping ladies

My camping ladies


Monday came and it was right back to work.  So basically I am completely off-balance.

My plan for getting it together:

Schedule runs and workouts and stick to it. – Nothing too crazy since I am not training for anything per se right now, but I need to get my fitness level back up.

Eat better – I have joined a local CSA program so I am starting to focus my meal planning on the vegetables and build from there.

Be accountable to someone – Working with my friend, Tara on small steps to get back on track.


Please help me stay accountable and I’ll keep you posted!





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    I am having a hard time getting into a workout schedule. I am running a half marathon Sep 14 and would LOVE to get a nice base for a few weeks then do a 10-ish week training plan! We can text one another to make sure we get moving :)

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