Summer Update

Is it already mid-August?  Where did the summer go?  My son had one week left of camp.  Even more final is that after four and a half years in her daycare, next Friday will be her last day.  She has literally been there since she was three months old.  In two weeks, they will both be starting a new school and in three weeks we will be living in a new house.

Yes!  If you have been on my social media, you might know that we closed on a home last month.  After Hurricane Sandy happened, I didn’t know what the future would hold.  We have been blessed and extremely lucky (thanks to so many of you!)  After the worst experience of our lives, we had some of the best times of our lives.  And now it’s time to start fresh.

This is both an update and an excuse.  It’s why I haven’t been active online and why I haven’t spoken of goals in a while.  Honestly, my goal is just to move into the house and get settled without losing it.  Oh, and finish the Summer season of Big Brother. :)

That said, I have been running and building a good base.  This is the first summer that I have ever run consistently when I wasn’t marathon training.  They aren’t fast runs and they aren’t very far, but I am running at least 3 days a week and usually 4.  I do have a few half marathons this Fall that were previously planned so I plan to do those.  That said, I am not taking on any other races, etc. until after the new year.  (I am saying it to you so I don’t go back on it.)

Pictures of the new house to come… plus expect a mushy post about how my babies are growing up too fast in the coming week.



(Homeowner once again!)


  1. Silvana says

    Been too busy to read but now that kids are back to school just remembered how much i love this bog,,keep on, and Congrats with your great new life!

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