How to be an Early Bird

How to be an Early Bird
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This week has been a tough one for me physically.  While I am usually a morning person, I have not been able to get out of back for my 5am alarm all week.  I chalk this up to being off for 2 weeks.  I was getting up around 7-8am so getting back to dark, and now cold mornings has been difficult.  Getting up at 6 means that I have get right into my routine and there is no real me time during the day.  I have been squeezing in my workouts at lunch and some evening treadmill at home, but this is no optimal for me.

How to be an Early Bird

This is Baby.  You can be an early bird just like her. 🙂

If you are not a morning person, here are some tricks that work for me when I have to “re-train” my body and mind for these wake ups.  Some are pretty basic, but a reminder of the obvious is often helpful.

  1. Get to bed at a decent hour. – I’ll bet this one is difficult for some of you, but not me. I’m done by 9pm and anything that has to get done will have to wait.  That’s what weekends are for, catching up on everything you couldn’t get to during the week.  If I have trouble falling asleep, a cup of tea is good.  Too much on your mind, write it down and then close those eyes!
  2. Have a plan. – When you go to sleep you should already know exactly what you are planning to do the next morning. If it’s a workout video, have it in the DVD play or the page up on YouTube.  If it’s a run, determine your mileage and route in advance.  The more time you have to spend setting up and thinking, the easier it will be to flake out it.
  3. Schedule it. – This is similar to #2, but worth adding. Add the workouts to your calendar at 5am.  You don’t sleep through doctor’s appointments and business meetings, so this should be treated as such.  Plus, it sucks when you have to cross something out in your calendar because you missed it.  It’s just some extra accountability.
  4. Speaking of accountability, find a friend. – Make plans to meet someone for your 5am run. You wouldn’t just leave someone hanging like that especially when they got up so early for you.  If you are going to a class, make sure the instructor or casual acquaintances in the class are expecting you.  When I miss the gym, I hear all about it on Facebook or via text from my amazing classmates.
  5. Have your clothes/gear ready. – Down to shoes, Garmin, waterbottle (filled) and your car keys if you are driving somewhere. Less thinking is always better that early in the morning.

These are the top tips that work for me.  Here’s hoping they work again over the coming days.  I need my 5ams back.  Keep in mind, you’ll never regret that 5am workout when it’s done.

Good luck guys.  And please let me know if you have other tricks that work for you.