NKOTB Weekend & The Recovery that Starts Today!

NKOTB Weekend & The Recovery that Starts Today!
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In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge New Kids on the Block fan or a Blockhead as we like to say.

Yes, the same boy band from the late 80s into the 90s.  Yes, they are still around (they reunited in 2008 on the Today Show and have been touring and even making new music ever since.)

So… the weekend was the NKOTB weekend for the summer.  First, they had a concert in Coney Island, Brooklyn on Thursday night.  It was a fun performance by NKOTB with special guests Naughty by Nature, Nice n Smooth and TIFFANY!  It was such a fun night.  For me and my bestie/fellow Blockhead, the night started with an early dinner at our favorite place in Brooklyn, Roll n Roaster.  Without getting into the details, it’s delicious but not at all good for you.

Then there were some too many beers at the concert and a trip to the diner after the concert.

Friday morning I was exhausted and felt crappy.  It took a good 24 hours to recover… because well, 41 is not 21.  Just as I was starting to feel okay, we headed to Hershey Park on Saturday morning for the Mixtape Festival.  This is an all day event that NKOTB headlines and is joined by other “old groups” like Boys 2 Men, 98 Degrees and this year Paula Abdul (which was hmm… interesting).  It felt about 110 degrees all day in the sun and there was more unhealthy food and beer.

Needless to say by Sunday night, I was exhausted and had a great time but my belly was not happy.

Now, the recovery begins.  Not just from this past weekend, but the first half of this summer.  I love the summertime and I do not like to skimp on things – beach time, BBQs, ice cold draft beers, etc.  But it’s time to get my crap together.  When my stomach starts to actually hurt, I know it’s time.

So, I am just concentrating on more real food.  I am skipping the fried food, the bread and all the ice cream.  I’m fueling with my protein smoothies and taking my probiotic every day!  Besides nothing tastes better on the beach that some fresh fruit!

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me how you keep your belly happy.  And then just admit that you too love NKOTB and we can be best friends. <3



P.S.  I have 298,462,017 pictures from the concerts, but I will spare you all.  Your welcome. xo