Reflections of Jonas and Moving Forward in our Snow Boots

Reflections of Jonas and Moving Forward in our Snow Boots
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I have dug my way out of snowmageddon.  Well, I shoveled a little.  Mostly my husband shoveled and we had great neighbors with snowblowers and even some street plows.  I have definitely come a long way from my pre-Hurricane house where we’d be snowed in for a week since there was never a plow for a dead end street.  Anyway, we spent the storm weekend at home as did most people.  We expected about 10 inches and got more than 30 inches by the time it ended.

We (Hubby) made a huge pot of sauce and we watched some movies and played some games.  I also ran both Saturday (8miles) and Sunday (6 miles) on my treadmill.  I am so grateful that hubby and a few friends brought it down to my first floor so I can use it without falling through the floor.  Also grateful for Shameless on the  Showtime app for keeping me distracted.  I also did some weights and a quick Daily Burn ab workout.  This was definitely a weekend that I was grateful for my DB account.

Foodwise I think I fared pretty well also.  While so many friends were drinking their calories all weekend, it was strictly water for me.  I’m 25 days into my Dry January.  More on that in another post.  Also, even though I enjoyed some pasta with hubby’s sauce – I didn’t go completely overboard.

I didn’t snack most of the weekend – though I did make some avocado fries in my toaster oven.  I added a little coconut oil to make them more crispy and preheated the pan.  They were yummy!

Also made some thin mints in our new Girl Scout Easybake oven… and yes it still only make 6 itty bitty cookies just like back in the 80s when i had it.

I also did done organizing and paper purging in our new home office and some “work work.”  It wasn’t a bad weekend at all.

Today is a bit more of a challenge for most in the NYC area.  Snow piled everywhere and cars snowed in so bad that you cannot find them.  I walked the kids to school this morning – in the street full of slush and then walked to the bus stop.  If you live in the city, you know that even if your car is accessible, you do not move it unless it is critical.  Parking spots are few and far between and NO ONE wants their spot taken after they dug it out. The struggle is real.

On top of all that, my heart is heavy today as my grandma past away exactly one year ago.  I miss her terribly every day and so there were a few tears this morning.  Still, I know she is now peaceful and no longer in any pain and watching from above.

Reflections of Jonas and Moving Forward in our Snow Boots

Grandma & I @ my baby shower 2009

So, with all that I say Happy Monday.  Let’s make this a great week.  That might mean treadmills and workout videos if you cannot get to your regular workouts, but that’s how we roll with the punches.  And if you did overindulge this weekend, that’s a great reason to start fresh today.

Let’s do this!